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Chocolate Mask for Wrinkles under Eyes

One of the best homemade natural skin care solution is great chocolate mask for wrinkles under eyes. The skin under the eyes is very delicate. Wrinkles under the eyes appear before the rest. Dark circles and “bags” under the eyes appear in addition to wrinkles. So it is very important to pay special attention to this area.

Proper caring the eyes surrounding area is difficult. The skin up there is very thin. Not many products are appropriated that skin. Most women use cucumber mask for the eye area caring. But that is not enough.

Mask for the skin under the eyes should contain ingredients which moisturize, soften and tone the skin.

I prefer the cocoa and peach oil for this mask. If you don’t have peach oil you can successfully use sea buckthorn oil or olive oil instead for the skin around the eyes. Cocoa has the property to tone up the skin. Light peach oil is a well-known remedy for skin rejuvenation due to its penetrating ability. It is simply the best for delicate skin and for wrinkles under the eyes.



  • 1 tsp of cacao powder
  • 1 tsp of peach oil
  • Some drops of oil solution of vitamin E

Stir the cocoa powder and peach oil. Put a few drops of vitamin E. If the mixture is a thick, add some more peach oil.

chocolate face mask for Wrinkles around eyes

Remove make-up. Wash your face and wipe it with a tonic. Wet two cotton discs in warm water. Fold them in half and put them under the eyes. Hold the discs till they come cool. Remove the discs and pat the skin with tissue.

Handle carefully with the skin under the eyes. Do not stretch it. Apply the mask with a soft cosmetic brush onto the area around the lower eyelids especially where “crow’s feet” take place.

mask for wrinkles under eyes

Take a gentle touch to the skin with a brush. You can apply the mask with your fingertips overlaying them to the skin.

Leftover of chocolate mask for wrinkles you can use for whole face and neck that nothing be lost.

chocolate for wrinkles under eyes

Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes. Pat the face with a soft paper towel. After that, rinse off the mask with water.