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Moisturizing Honey Face Mask

Moisturizing honey facial mask is a good way to help your skin to regain its natural moisture balance. Any mask with honey can be considered as a moisturizing mask because honey has many desirable qualities including a hydrating effect.

But as I like to experiment I make different honey mask recipes. I add additional ingredients into the honey and get some interesting results.

Many products can be used for moisturizing masks. I decided to try a mixture of honey, cucumber and boiled potatoes. All of these products has been successfully used in hydrating masks, but I’ve rarely met them together.

All recipes that I find out all of them will be sharing with you.



  • 1 Tbsp of natural honey
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 potato

Wash the potatoes and boil it. It is better to boil the potatoes in their jackets for lossless of vitamins. But it’s not necessary. Do it any way you like.

Peel the cucumber and boiled potatoes. Cut them into pieces and put into a blender or food processor. Quantity of cucumber should be half quantity of potatoes. Otherwise, the mask will be liquid. Chop vegetables in mode „Pulse”.


Use this mode that potatoes don’t get sticky. Take the mask quickly until the potatoes are not cool. Add a spoonful of honey to the mixture.


Mix all ingredients and mask is ready.

Immediately apply it onto the face and neck.


Relax 20 minutes until the mask moisturizes your skin.

Then wash the face with cold water. Dry the face and apply your favorite cream if you like.

The mask contains honey and can cause mild redness on the face. It will last half an hour. Don’t make a homemade facial mask just before leaving the house so you will not fill youself uncomfortable.

Best time for home care for the face skin when you are not hurry and no one bothers you.