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How to Use Yogurt for Face Scrub

You can use yogurt for homemade scrubs. How to use yogurt for face scrub correctly? Everyone knows how to add yogurt in masks but not everyone knows how to use it as an exfoliant.

There are two ways for application of yogurt for facial scrubs.

  • You can use yogurt as the main ingredient. Yogurt contains lactic acid which is often used by beauticians as a facial peeling.

In this case, you spread the yogurt evenly over the face and allow it to dry. You can add small amount of lemon juice or olive oil into the yogurt depending of your skin type.

Before you wash the face, roll up yogurt scrub with your fingertips.

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  • You can add yogurt to other scrubs as a supplementary ingredient.

For example, in the Coffee Grounds Facial Scrub yogurt is needed to mitigate the actions of other grosser ingredients.

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In the Homemade Strawberry Scrub yogurt enhances exfoliating action of strawberries and creates a delicate texture of this scrub.

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Yogurt is a versatile product indispensable in the home cosmetology. Yogurt masks and yogurt scrubs may cause temporary redness of the face. That unpleasantness usually disappears in half hour if you are not allergic to yogurt. It should be noted that allergic reactions of the yogurt are extremely rare.

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