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Homemade Hydrating Face Mask

There is an opinion that homemade hydrating face masks are necessary only for those who have dry or very dry skin. That is misconception. All skin types need humidification because the top layer of the skin (epidermis) is constantly exposed to external influences, and loses its natural moisture.

Our skin undergoes extremes of temperature, humidity, wind and sun. We wash and clean the face removing dirt together with natural protective layer of the skin what violate its water balance.

Hydrating face mask can be done as often as you like (preferably once a week at least).

Excellent option of the moisturizing face mask is blend of cooked oatmeal with honey.


  • 1 Tbsp of oatmeal
  • 3 Tbsp of milk
  • 2 tsp of honey

Crush oatmeal in a coffee grinder. Stir it well with cold milk in a saucepan to avoid lumps. Use the hand whisk if you need it. Milk amount should be three times more than the oatmeal.

Homemade Hydrating Face Mask - Pic.1

Place the saucepan on the stove and bring it to a boil. Simmer oatmeal 15 seconds, stirring slowly and continuously.

Wait until the mixture became cool slightly and add the honey in.

Homemade Hydrating Face Mask - Pic.2

Try to use the mask until it is warm (not hot, the temperature should be enjoyable for the face) for best results.

Wash your face with warm water before applying the mask. You can put warm wet towel on your face to open the pores (this is the way I described in the article about using of honey as a cleanser).

Liberally apply the mask on face and neck and relax for 20 minutes.


It’s not so easy to wash off the mask. Do that by using washcloth.

My daughter was three. She asked, looking as I apply this mask on my face – Why you can not just eat it? Now she does the same thing …